Marie Clicquot: a Personalized Bridal Shower on a Budget

Today I’m sharing tips about how I put together my sister’s bridal shower while on a budget. First, I knew I wanted to do a personalized theme because it’s so inexpensive to get a logo made and customized labels online. I had seen so many Veuve Clicquot parties on Instagram and decided on that especially … More Marie Clicquot: a Personalized Bridal Shower on a Budget

DIY Pink Mules

Who would have thought that half shoes would make such a comeback! Remember how back in the day, people wore half sneakers and half boat shoes- it screamed soccer mom. Mules of today come embelished with the likes of appliqué, embroidered patterns, fur, pearls, the works! For this DIY, I used white flower appliqué, and … More DIY Pink Mules

DIY: Pearl Sandals

I cannot believe it’s September!  It’s almost that time to bid adieu to summer time! Nevertheless, I will continue wearing sandals up until, I just can’t! Here’s a DIY I did to make my favorite summer sandal. I’m sure you’ve seen your favorite blogger and influencer in the black, pearled sandals from Zara. They are … More DIY: Pearl Sandals