DIY Pink Mules

Who would have thought that half shoes would make such a comeback! Remember how back in the day, people wore half sneakers and half boat shoes- it screamed soccer mom.

Mules of today come embelished with the likes of appliqué, embroidered patterns, fur, pearls, the works! For this DIY, I used white flower appliqué, and these plain mules, they’re on sale for $9.11!  Here are four easy steps to complete these.

Tools needed:

-craft or super glue


Step 1

Begin applying appliqué with with glue on one sided the mule. Be sure to use super glue minimally and try not to drip it on the shoe like I did…
Step 2

Cut the remaining appliqué once one side has been covered. Use the remaining piece to repeat this step on the other side of the shoe. You may have to stop and cut the appique and reposition it, if you reach an edge.

Step 3

Repeat steps on the other pair. Try to copy the positioning of the appliqué on the first shoe.

Step 4

Use an iron to go over the appliqué and ensure that it’s pressed down very gently! You’re only trying to have the iron touch the appliqué.
Voilà a cute pair of mules for $15!

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