Lace, velvet, ankara, blingy  I started making chokers. One of the best parts is that it requires me to have both my hands occupied so that I can put my phone down. In the last year, especially while I was in the job search I grew a strong attachment to my cellular device. … More Chokers

DIY Christmas Tags

For the icing to my Christmas gifts,  I add personalized tags.  I think it makes it more exciting to know the expectation for their gift, “Love, need, want”. As you can tell, I take my gifting seriously and I went with a gold and white theme. These gold-glitter outlined tags, twine, and gold pen are … More DIY Christmas Tags


As you know, I love a good DIY and as chokers became the “in” thing, I wanted to start making some. Here are simple steps for how I made my first choker. I now have quite a few styles on my etsy. You need a pair of jewelry pliers, a ribbon or trimming, ribbon clamps … More DIY-Choker

DIY: Fly Nails

New Nails, Who dis? It seems like most chicas head to the salon for all their manicures and color changes, but I love DIY nails. Here are the nails that I currently have. The polish is ‘Petal Pushers’ by Essie and I used Kiss Nail Art to do the designs. Blank space nails are a … More DIY: Fly Nails