DIY Skincare

yogurt mask

I love to do face masks. While I was abroad in Paris, I had to become resourceful for my beauty regimen. I started making scrubs and masks from items in the kitchen. For a yogurt mask I like to mix  a couple spoonfuls of greek yogurt, a couple teaspoons of honey, with a couple drops of lemon juice, and sometimes an egg white. I mix all the ingredients together and smooth the paste on my face for about 15 minutes. This is a staple in the winter because I have extremely dry skin.This mask is hydrating,tightening. It also  leaves the skin soft, and can help with acne scars if repeated. Yogurt has lactic acid which helps to exfoliate and nourish the skin and dissolve dirt. The honey moisturizes and the lemon helps to deepen the exfoliation. I recently did this with Evolve brand Greek yogurt that is also probiotic which invigorates skin and leaves a glow.

For a fun scrub, I mix brown sugar which is gentle for sensitive skin with olive oil in a two one ratio. (A variation of sugar or salts as well as oils can be used.) Then I add in avocado, which helps to smooth and moisturize. I drop a couple drops of lemon juice and sometimes a little honey to get the right consistency to smooth all over skin. It’s super hydrating and leaves your skin deliciously soft. In general, the base of a salt or sugar and oil along with a fruit (such as strawberry which is clarifying or cucumber which is soothing) and perhaps an additive is great to make natural skin care at home. You can get closable clear jars for the lowlow on Amazon or the Container store so you can make larger quantities and keep them. Can’t wait to do this for summer along with infused water, to get those nutrients this summer.

I always love getting homemade oil soaps and scrubs and I realized its so easy to craft somethings yourself. All thanks to Pinterest.

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