Perspective on TIME: Black Lives Matter.


This recent cover of TIME, bares the phrase “Black Lives Matter.,” in response to the recent South Carolina traffic stop turned tragedy in which a white officer shot the unarmed African American Walter Scott. This phrase resonates as it is the title of the prevalent social movement campaigning against police brutality and the discriminatory treatment of African- Americans.

Fortunately, the shooting was captured by a bystander on a cellphone.  The video evidence helped to uncover the truth about the encounter between the fifty year old and the officer and led to his subsequent arrest. What was alarming in the video was the planting of evidence, the taser dropped by Scott’s body, which seemed like it had been foreshadowed in Scandal  a couple weeks ago. It is not certain that the charges filled against the officer and the perception of the case will serve as a tipping point in this ongoing issue with discriminatory policing. This thinking is overly hopeful, because this case may just be an exception due to the clear account of the events that transpired. I hope that this will spark conversation and prompt us to question the bias in the carrying out of the law, in society, and in our own perspectives as well.

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