Cookie Butter Cheesecake

 Recently, I made this delicious Cookie Butter Cheesecake. I like to follow food pages on Instagram that offer fun recipes. Here is the recipe from @tastemade.The springform pan made the process super easy and it was no bake. You leave the pie in the fridge for a few hours to harden.The cheesecake was quite rich so a small slice went a long way. I loved the crust, I used graham crackers.  It wasn’t difficult to make and I thought it came out great. The icing on top were the Lindt truffles that are garnished on top.  I have a big sweet tooth, so my goal this year is to become a better baker.

At Thanksgiving, I made this Pumpkin Cookie Butter cake from Miss Jones Co. While it didn’t come out looking pretty like the site photo, it was so good! Most of the ingredients were organic and I got everything from Sprouts, a natural and organic supermarket. I wish I could get all my groceries from organic stores, but the total was $22 just for the few items I purchased.

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