Now Trending: Cornrows

Cornrows Boxer Braids  have long been a popular hairstyle for people of color with a wide range of variations, extensions, and styles. Lately this have become an “in” trend that you can be spot on your Instagram search page. The Kardashians/ Jenners have been wearing the style as well with extensions and many have taken notice.  They even let babies Penelope and North wear the style with added extensions, while on a recent ski trip. An article from MTV UK reports  “Boxer Braids” are the new style to wear your hair. It is filed under Kim Kardashian and it states the look  ‘has long been a style by the black community’ . The tweet read:

The A-list are loving boxer braids right now, so here’s an easy way to do them yourself:

— MTV UK (@MTVUK) February 19, 2016




Checkout some of the amusing article responses. Jezbel’s blunt White People are Rebranding Cornrows as ‘Boxer Braids’ and Essence‘s * Rolls Eyes* According to MTV UK Conrows Are Now Called ‘Boxer Braids’ and Buzzfeed‘s 19 Pictures That Prove Boxer Braids are Definitely Not a Thing including:

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 2.59.27 PM                                                                      I love these on @Yarisbeth

It is crazy how the power of social influence and personal brand that the Kardashian clan is bestowed with, could lead to the misattribution of a hair style in this day and age. I’ve seen comments on Instagram photos of girls wearing cornrows accusing them of copying Kylie. Needless to say outlets and naturalistas (women with unprocessed ethnic hair) had something to say about the braids that have been worn as a protective style for ages and the sudden renaming of it due its trendiness. Ciara used to wear them all the time on red carpets and who could forgot Alicia  Key’s cornrows from her debut era.

Ciara in 2009 and Alicia Keys circa 2002

Personally I love cornrows as a protective style. I just took some out (first pic). I did 5 and they lasted about 2 weeks, I think I’ll do 6 next time. I have seen natural bloggers give DIY tutorials. I am tempted to try, but I’m weary if it will actually work out. It will definitely require practice. Before that, I last had them in 2014 (just above). I hadn’t worn them in a couple years because they were braided too tight and pulled on my delicate edges that were already in distress lol. I used to wear them braided halfway with rubber bands and the leave out my hair flat ironed back in the day. (Who remembers this style?)

It’s remarkable how cornrows are now a trending style for women of all backgrounds.

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