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Cornrows Boxer Braids  have long been a popular hairstyle for people of color with a wide range of variations, extensions, and styles. Lately this have become an “in” trend that you can be spot on your Instagram search page. The Kardashians/ Jenners have been wearing the style as well with extensions and many have taken notice. … More Now Trending: Cornrows

Fashion Police Scandal

Guilana Rancic’s comments on the Oscar special Fashion Police, caused an avalanche of controversy and backlash. The host critiqued the Disney star’s look by saying, ‘Zendaya’s faux dreads made it look like she ‘smelled of patchouli oil and weed.’ This caused controversy due to the discriminatory notions associated with the joke. Given the platform, a … More Fashion Police Scandal


Miguel’s over-excited-failed crowd jumping incident was a must see sight at last month’s Billboard Awards! Then after the awards his backstage noticeably embarrassed interview alongside his ride or die fan holding an ice pack was icing on the cake! Recently though TMZ reported that the fan may have brain damage and was not taken to a hospital! EKK … More Miguel!

United Colors of Benetton Controversy

This add was recently photoshopped and constructed by the famous Italian clothing brand to make a statement. However people were outraged. Particularly Americans who tend to be more conservative than other nationalities. The point was to make a social statement, to cause a reaction, and to have people think of unity. Arguments against believed this … More United Colors of Benetton Controversy