Fashion Police Scandal


Guilana Rancic’s comments on the Oscar special Fashion Police, caused an avalanche of controversy and backlash. The host critiqued the Disney star’s look by saying, ‘Zendaya’s faux dreads made it look like she ‘smelled of patchouli oil and weed.’ This caused controversy due to the discriminatory notions associated with the joke. Given the platform, a show that flourished with Joan River’s colorful, non-politically correct comments, I was not completely taken aback. 

If a space designated for comedic commentary and slander is now under attack for discrimination, it should end. The premise of the show has been lost with the passing of Joan. The show pokes fun at the celebrity privilege of stylist and a bevy of designer selections to deck them out for the hottest red carpets of the year. It brought light to the stiff world of fashion. I understand that Guilana is no Joan, so if we are going to hold the show’s remaining host in a different regard, I’m not seeing the point.

 In addition, one of the cardinal rules of television is to support your costars, even if you do not agree with their actions. Kelly Osborne completely distanced herself from Guilana and admonished her publicly. Also the show is not live, other hosts and producers could have vehemently put their foot down.

The public response reminded me of Don Imus’s infamous “Nappy Headed Hoes” comment from a few years back.

It is true that this stigmas are very alive for both blacks and whites and I do not think there is an answer yet of how to combat them. It’s easy to say let us try to love our hair and judge one another not off rasta stereotypes, but this is much easier said then done as we’ve seen the error of judgment continuously played out.

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