Fashion Police Scandal

Guilana Rancic’s comments on the Oscar special Fashion Police, caused an avalanche of controversy and backlash. The host critiqued the Disney star’s look by saying, ‘Zendaya’s faux dreads made it look like she ‘smelled of patchouli oil and weed.’ This caused controversy due to the discriminatory notions associated with the joke. Given the platform, a … More Fashion Police Scandal

Farewell Madiba

The world said goodbye to Nelson Mandela, one of the world’s greatest leaders and a wise spirit! I recently watched “Long Walk to Freedom” and I loved the look at his journey which made the icon more human to me. I thought Idris Elba and Naomie Harris did a great job. I don’t think the … More Farewell Madiba


Miguel’s over-excited-failed crowd jumping incident was a must see sight at last month’s Billboard Awards! Then after the awards his backstage¬†noticeably¬†embarrassed¬†interview alongside his ride or die fan holding an ice pack was icing on the cake! Recently though TMZ reported that the fan may have brain damage and was not taken to a hospital! EKK … More Miguel!

RAchett Tavee!!

HOw to even begin about Love and Hip Hop ATL! Steebie! “Tee Honly reasun Imma do ha song wwif hurr is bechoz I respek im” uhhh Jose’s quality English! terrible they really need subtitles for this mess. This show is so ridic that its too hard to turn away! I look forward to my Monday … More RAchett Tavee!!

BAtthhh Saltss

After the craziness and incredibly disturbing zombie face eating incident in Miami, soo much has come forward about bath salts. I saw videos in which people under the influence of the drug that can be legally bought. Users get extremely hot, remove clothing, and displayed incredibly erratic behavior in which they can withstand great physical … More BAtthhh Saltss

Chick Fila Controversy

The Chik Fila on NYU’s campus is the only one in New York and some surrounding areas. NYU has been known since the 1960s/1970s for being a LGBT pro-institution that has promoted this movement for equality for all no matter orientation. Recently, a protest has arisen beucase students felt that Chick Fila needed to be … More Chick Fila Controversy