BAtthhh Saltss

After the craziness and incredibly disturbing zombie face eating incident in Miami, soo much has come forward about bath salts. I saw videos in which people under the influence of the drug that can be legally bought. Users get extremely hot, remove clothing, and displayed incredibly erratic behavior in which they can withstand great physical pain and normal conscientiousness like an outer body high in a trance like state. =Tomfoolery ensuring I’m talking people have super strength battling police unable to be seduced. In the  case of the McArthur subway scene- cannibalism!!!!! I watched this sad video in which a father told the sad tale of his teenage son who used bath salts and had hallucinations, but even after he was clean he still had terrible visions of being followed by the police and constantly being watched. He slit his wrist and got help for the ongoing repercussions of his usage, but unfortunately hung himself in fear of the terrors that haunted him! These drugs are clearly detremintal to humans and  proper functioning and sanity!!!!

Stay AwAY from BAth SaLTs!!

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