Chick Fila Controversy

The Chik Fila on NYU’s campus is the only one in New York and some surrounding areas. NYU has been known since the 1960s/1970s for being a LGBT pro-institution that has promoted this movement for equality for all no matter orientation. Recently, a protest has arisen beucase students felt that Chick Fila needed to be removed from NYU because the company is not in accordance to LGBT ideas. For this reason, a group banned together and brought the topic to the student government of the school, but after a vote it for the time being has been decided to keep Chik Fila. I believe its because its more of a general idea of the owners of the company that’s not reflected by the smaller version offered in Upstein dinning hall. The other day there was this protest taking place quite a group showed up outside the doors and security was in full force making sure people entering were NYU students and faculty to avoid a conflict.I believe that this is an important topic, but I feel it should really be focused towards the corrupt office of Chik Fila with evidence saying that the only NY Chik Fila is thriving on the campus of the university who is heavily involved in the LGBT community and they should revise there opinions on the issue. I love to see students taking action in a peaceful manner.

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