Levi’s Fashion Week Event

During Fashion Week I was fortunate to aid at the Levis Fashion Week event. The event was so official I was immersed in the chaos and excitement of the fashion industry. Here are some of the press pics from the event. There was a viewing of the different styles and a fashion show as well. I was able to check in at the door. It was so cool seeing the top fashion editors and celebrity guests. Maria Menunous of Extra, Theophilus London, Brad Goresky, Jessica White, and who I was most excited to see Nigel Barker of America’s Next Top Model and his fellow judges Mr. and Mrs. Jay, Jay Alexander and Jay Manuel who continued to make a statement on their Fashion Week stops with their overly oversized bags. NYC has so many intern opportunities and the fashion world is one of a kind. I’m so grateful to be here. Hope to be the future LC!! hehe

Yes for the sista in front!

This was my favorite exhibit! Its for the Waterless Jeans! It explains how many millions of drops of water are preserved by wearing these jeans that are made with less water and do not require washing dry cleaning if needed.
I love that Levi’s is such a laid-back yet iconic and ever present brand. That has made jeans so sophisticated and rustic.

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