Chance the Rapper

A couple days after the Big Sean event, NYU held its spirit week concert starring Chance the Rapper. Luckily the publicity for this event was more wide spread and Webster Hall sold out. There is always really cool events that go on at NYU, but there is usually shortage of tickets and widespread promotion. Luckily, … More Chance the Rapper

Costume gone Viral

  My brother won Halloween! I know that word is over used but on fleek it truely was. He was that stressed looking guy on the phone in countless memes.I love how my brother found the same shirt at Gdubs and a phone waist clip. He just needed to remove the bracelets. The powers of … More Costume gone Viral

Call for Justice!

This summer and fall, our nation was rocked with issues regarding prejudice, discrimination, and policing in America. It was extremely telling and eye-opening to see different interpretations of black experience, cries against injustice, defense of the justice system, and the building of a movement. I am not particularly politically savy, but this situation hit a … More Call for Justice!