Chance the Rapper


A couple days after the Big Sean event, NYU held its spirit week concert starring Chance the Rapper. Luckily the publicity for this event was more wide spread and Webster Hall sold out. There is always really cool events that go on at NYU, but there is usually shortage of tickets and widespread promotion. Luckily, I was alerted to get a ticket. We were able to stand in the first row. It took a while for Chance to hit the stage, but they kindly handed out pizza. Some many of my friends always rave about Chance’s music while I was out of the loop. So a little bit before the concert, I politely educated myself with his Acid Rap so I could sing along a bit. I’m feeling “Coco Butter Kisses,” “Juice”, and “Favorite Song.” It’s so cool that he’s my age. He had a fresh and fun energy. We shared a half a second as he touched my hand lol.

Lately, I have noticed that there are quite a few ‘on trend’ artists like Chance who are indy. Chance is independent, by choice, and has not yet dropped a full album. Yet, he has great connects in the industry. I watched his Breakfast Club interview where he talked his game plan that’s focused on connecting with fans versus the big business side of music. Can’t wait to hear tracks from The Social Experiment’s.

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