NYC Apartment Hunt


Looking for an apartment in NYC is such a major ordeal! They say it’s like playing the stock market. I looked at a few different places. I’m talking trekking around town in the summer humidity with realtors who are trying to convince you that what they have is absolutely the one for you. I luckily found listing on Street Easy for no fee apartments in a remodeled building in the Lower East Side that is near Soho and not too far of a commute to Washington Square Park. The upside is it came with wifi as an incentive and last month was free in addition to the no fee. Downside, there was many! The building was far from finished at the August move in, the wifi didn’t come until a month later, which we were never told. Of course there reasoning was the apartment has free wifi! I thus became well acquainted with Berklic Park cafe a couple doors down that has wifi. We even got our own wifi with our cable package just before the building’s kicked in. We apprehensively ended the service we were paying for as the provided wifi sometimess doesn’t work! 

There was construction daily and unfinished stairs. In the mornings, I would have a freight from a worker in the fire escape. I was later told your building is supposed to give you advanced notice. Fortunately, it came with washer and dryer in the unit (which is considered you’ve made it in NYC) and we were the first to live in the unit. We avoided some of the issues that arise with old apartments  from safety to rodents, but the new building problems seemed to be endless. Life in NYC is very different from other places! Our under 500 ft apartment is a true blessing!

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