Global Citizen Festival

8821beyonce-jay-z-global-citizen-festival-ftr15193943930_7fedb564e6_oI’m so sad to report this. Global Citizen Festival took place in Central Park and it was put on in part by MSNBC so we interns got tickets. I went with a fellow intern and we were what seemed like a football field from the actual stage, so there were large screens but we noticed the voices and video were slightly out of sync lol. It was a fun festival vibe! Tickets for the charity concert were given out rather than purchased. Groups had blankets and food to take it all in. Out of the all the times to have a bit of a headache this was the day I was afflicted. My fellow intern had to leave and I was not 100% that JayZ would be doing a full set because I thought it was nearly over so I made the terrible error of leaving.

As soon as I make it home, I watch Beyonce come out and perform with him. I was so upset I went to bed at 10 that Saturday night. I should have stuck it out. I conviently didn’t have good cell service in the park which would have altered me of the fact, Bey would be hitting the stage. I’m not going to lie, water formed in my eye. I mean I had see them a couple months at OTR Tour, but still! Sincerely, an unloyal fan. I can’t even say stan. I was sleep!globalcitizen Henry-Jacobsen_20130928_Global-Citizen-Festival-2013_0017This is an aerial photo that shows how expansive the festival is. Beautiful!

I’m glad the big names came out for the charity event. 

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