Costume gone Viral

Snoop Dogg reposted it!!!
Snoop Dogg reposted it!!!

IMG_8790 IMG_8779

My brother won Halloween! I know that word is over used but on fleek it truely was. He was that stressed looking guy on the phone in countless memes.I love how my brother found the same shirt at Gdubs and a phone waist clip. He just needed to remove the bracelets. The powers of social media took flight and his hilarious costume ended up on pages of Snoop Dogg, Kandi Burruss from RHOA, popular bloggers, and many others! Every time I went to the popular page, I kept seeing it. It was so cool to be like that’s my brother. Little did he know he would get insta-famous from his funny costume. He got over 30k likes on just Snoop’s post!!

I did research and found out that the man all over the internet is Martin Baster, who’s photo became famous because he was the only African American at a Ferguson rally to support Darren Wilson, the officer who shot Michael Brown. Mr. Baker who I am sure is not happy that his image is famous for this reason, reportedly ran for a Republican congressional seat. The 44 year old man from the memes, was reported as declaring, “People are too quick to play the race card. Lawlessness has no color.” Go figure! The internet is so funny!


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