NYC Beaches

“You’re not a drop in the Ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop.”- Rumi  This summer I had the chance to go to the beaches in NYC a couple of times. It’s so easy to forget that New York is on the ocean’s coast. I went to Long Beach on Long Island one … More NYC Beaches

World Cup Champions

This is hilarious! These days, witty hands armed with  digital powers produce so much entertainment! This was all over Twitter after the Germany and Portugal game!  Congrats to the World Cup 2014 Champs Germany!

World Cup 2014

The World Cup delivered on the enjoyment as always as the creme de la creme hit the field. It was fun to watch the games in public places with everyone in jerseys rooting for different teams. The world championship event became entertiaining for the wrong reasons though. The controversy over Ghana’s Black Star’s can only … More World Cup 2014

Blue Ivy’s Hair

Enough is enough! I can’t believe grown people have preoccupied themselves so much over the hair of a two year old baby! Blue Ivy Carter has a baby fro of coily strands and people , black women mainly, are so focused on the neatness and presentation of her hair. As someone who personally has to … More Blue Ivy’s Hair

NBA Finals

We went to game 3 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals between the Heat and the Indiana Pacers. We got to see our favorites the big three, King James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh. Something told me this would be one of that last days of this reigning dynasty.

Au revoir Paris

After 9 months my time abroad came to an end! Paris, you were love and light! I enjoyed the challenges and growth I experienced and can’t believe I’m going back for my senior year. I’ll cherish the friendships, memories, and lessons I acquired. Bisous Paris!! Until next time!