Blue Ivy’s Hair

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Enough is enough! I can’t believe grown people have preoccupied themselves so much over the hair of a two year old baby! Blue Ivy Carter has a baby fro of coily strands and people , black women mainly, are so focused on the neatness and presentation of her hair. As someone who personally has to struggle with the thickness and style of my hair. I feel a type of way. It was slightly amusing to see people of color so focused on this, but yet so ready to comment when someone of another race made any comments on the texture of black hair. Then someone went and made a petition and I realized this was a topic of concern. That site is purposed to render real change and to organize proper movements like the following that developed with the Trayvon Martin case. So Silly!

I love this pic of BIC she is serving with her little hand flip! So cute and sassy!

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