World Cup 2014


The World Cup delivered on the enjoyment as always as the creme de la creme hit the field. It was fun to watch the games in public places with everyone in jerseys rooting for different teams. The world championship event became entertiaining for the wrong reasons though. The controversy over Ghana’s Black Star’s can only be described as sad. There was issues with the treatment of the players that resulted in drama, an offical getting slapped, and Muntari and Prince-Boateng ( eyecandy of eyecandy) getting suspended, escorted  player bonsuses being flown in, and disjointed playing!! Upsetting!


Some of the Black Stars!

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 1.56.41 PM

This was a tweet from Delta!  Although I can’t say I’m in any way shocked, they tweeted congrats the US in their win over Ghana by using a picture of a girafee juxtaposed to an image of the statue of librety to signify the two countries. As Delta knows, becuase they fly to Ghana, there are no giraffees there. The thinking was let us use a general symbol when one thinks of Africa, the jungle aspect versus the reality! We can only shake our heads lol

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 1.56.59 PM BqSDnvqCEAAm-n0Rihanna tweeted this about Kevin Prince-Boateng of the Black Stars in the game against Portugal. lol She knows what’s up!

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