Summer is for Festivals: Afropunk

IMG_7980Afropunk is a free admission indie vibe festival in Brooklyn that takes place in August. It’s filled with vibrant people, stellar fashion, colorfulness, good jams, and up and coming artists.tumblr_nb70jjb25r1s05xfso1_1280

I spotted Cara Delevingne jamming in the most whimsical fashion with a ribbon in her hand. Mama’s in her own world. Oh Cara!


zoe-kravitz-lolawolf-afropunk-festival-2014_4339639afropunk-15  Cara was there to watch Zoe Kravitz in her group Lolawolf, which I unfortunately missed. I hope in my next life I can have more of Zoe’s cool essence. I’m enamored by her vibe.

I did get to see SZA who i have heard so much about, but I’m wondering when she’s gonna break mainstream. Her mane is a true wonder. It is absolutely gorgeous and they say its all hers! Goals!

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