Miguel-onstage images (1)

Miguel’s over-excited-failed crowd jumping incident was a must see sight at last month’s Billboard Awards! Then after the awards his backstage noticeably embarrassed interview alongside his ride or die fan holding an ice pack was icing on the cake! Recently though TMZ reported that the fan may have brain damage and was not taken to a hospital! EKK let’s see how this all pans out! I feel it could get messy! She was attended to after the incident and was on camera stating she was fine! I feel that Billboard would have made her sign something saying she wouldn’t sue for the damages or something to cover this! Mhmm!!

FlashBack to When I saw him on tour with Trey Songz! He was phenominal!



Love Him Nonetheless! He recently tweeted how he loved his heritage but felt black people are the most judgemental people! Unfortunately it has truth!

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