RAchett Tavee!!

HOw to even begin about Love and Hip Hop ATL! Steebie! “Tee Honly reasun Imma do ha song wwif hurr is bechoz I respek im” uhhh Jose’s quality English! terrible they really need subtitles for this mess. This show is so ridic that its too hard to turn away! I look forward to my Monday night  to see the tomfoolery of these folks supposed lives. From the extras not reacting to fights, the comebacks from K Michelle, these not-going-anywhere musical talents, the he/she Jose, mistress and baby momma drama, and the ridic use of speech ” I wanna put dem paws on him” its great to watch and mock. No one is laughing with them. I’m glad that its not BET that is broadcasted shows like this and Basketball Wives which has become a low of lows and is no longer great tv. At the same time I want to question VH1 why did this channel that’s not black entertainment decide to start showing so much rachetnesss? I know its entertaining but still its not a proper light of African American culture at all…BET wouldn’t show these shows because they kinda attempt to show values of  unity on their  shows to evoke a theme of elevation of  the culture that surpasses rachetness.. hmmm…

 not soo sure of  VH1’s motives…

 But still I’ll be watching so I can LOL cannot miss quality entertainment hehe!! I did a research paper on what celebrity has come to mean and how today celebs could be anyone who doesn’t have typical talent and is famous for anything. I concluded that its because we as humans love drama and knowing about others -the reason celebrities are formed and reality stars specifically because its ‘real life’ people just like us who got to that level so there’s an unsaid hope created that everyone can get to that level.

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