Beauty Corner!

Sooo I started watching BeautyBYJJ Jennie Jenkins on youtube and following her and I really enjoyed her makeup and hair tutorials!!! She’s so fab!


I recently got this Costal Scents 88 Shades Palette from my sissy and I’ve been trying to make some exciting eye designs!! I love it! I love vivid color and I’ve been able to really come up with fun combinations!

Here I used a light coral/ gold on the inner part of the eye that crossed the eye crease (on eyelid and under eye) so that the bright shade illuminates the eye! I love doing that adding a vivid shade to open the eye! I also used a red on the outside! Then to top it off a light pencil black liner and the famed Maybeline Pink&Green Great Lash Mascara!

 Here I’m wearing a yellow to illuminate my eyes!


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