Farewell Madiba


The world said goodbye to Nelson Mandela, one of the world’s greatest leaders and a wise spirit! I recently watched “Long Walk to Freedom” and I loved the look at his journey which made the icon more human to me. I thought Idris Elba and Naomie Harris did a great job. I don’t think the film got the recognition it deserved.

Nelson Mandela’s sentiments will never be forgotten and I hope his fervor and legacy will inspire future leadership,reason, and action.

I love this picture of Mandela and Whitney!

As always a serious moment is over shadowed by a media scandal. SELFIE GATE was a picture of President Obama snapping a selfie with the female Danish PM Schmidt and British PM Cameron at the funeral and the FLOTUS’s face was less than pleased in the particualr snap that went viral. According to the photographer, if we looked at the series of photos captured, we would see that Michelle Obama was laughing and enjoying as well. it was just a few pictures where her face was turned that was perfect to encite drama and memes. On top of this, the question arose why Obama was engaging in a selfie at a memorial event. Even the Prez snaps quick self pics too!



Also it was funny that this pic of her separating the two surfaced.president-obama-michelle-obama-and-denmark-PM

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