Deck the Halls


The Holidays are always magical. I spent Xmas in Ghana with my fam. Here is our Christmas card. I made it online and changed it up by going with black and white.


One night out! In a nude dress and earrings from Topshop with a gold Zara belt.

IMG_2038Momma giving life as usual!

One day, we went to White Sands Beach Resort. When you arrive, you take this cute lil raft across the bay to the beach. It’s so cute to see the local community of fisherman that live in the area.IMG_2236IMG_2154



I snapped this pic of this pretty child. I love the landscape of the fishing boats along the beach. We had a delicious seafood platter.


On the way back to  mainland there was a croc in the water! I could not lol it was just a baby and luckly it didn’t get close to the raft.


Peace and Love!! We dressed up for a 70s party which was so fun to dress up with the adults. 70s jams are timeless and all ages can groove together! Momma was so legit she wore a hat she wore back in the day! I found these fun leopard bell bottoms on eBay.

IMG_2232 More Celebration!

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