Surprise Suprise Suprise of lyfe!!!! King, Queen, Her Royalness herself Bey, snatched all wigs, and gave night frights as she released BEYONCE, digitally on iTunes at midnight in December! I, being a beehive fiend/ stan (although I realized I’m not nearly as crazy in love obsessed as others) got a text at about 6 am alerting me of Bey’s special delivery! I quickly went to iTunes to download Beyonce’s masterpiece. I love that she was being innovative, and marketing costs were cut! After all we live in the time of instantaity and she was playing into the cultural norm of receiving information and entertainment as quick as possible. It’s apparent that CDs are truely fading out and digital is it. It dominates our lives on multi-screens. I loved the self-empowerment themes from Chimimanda Ngozi Adichie’s Flawless feature to Super Power with Frank Ocean. I don’t know why people question Bey’s statement that she’s a feminist. I think that shows in itself the issues with female perception. She can’t be considered a sex symbol and an advocate for equality of sexes.

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Besides its innovation, I loved the videos for every song. What an amazing and artistic concept! Drunk in Love was an instant fave and the video and her dancing was so cute. When that song came on at the holidays you couldn’t tell me nothing lol. I love Bey. Her cute like jig and surfboard wave was so catchy. I loved that each video had a different vibe and artistic concept. When will Bey get out of the business of snatching edges!



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