Surprise Suprise Suprise of lyfe!!!! King, Queen, Her Royalness herself Bey, snatched all wigs, and gave night frights as she released BEYONCE, digitally on iTunes at midnight in December! I, being a beehive fiend/ stan (although I realized I’m not nearly as crazy in love obsessed as others) got a text at about 6 am … More BEYONNCEE Album Drop

Hairr Update!

My update on my natural hair journey! Ok so it’s almost a year since I got frustrated and the big chop (myself I might add) so I had to wait awhile for my hair to become more even before I could wear it out! Over the last few months I did several protective styles! At … More Hairr Update!

Yeezus has arrived!

Kanye West has made a cultural statement again by dropping his latest artistic work ‘Yeezus!’ He of course had to title the provactively titled piece with an out of the ordinary presentation! He played his ‘New Slaves’ video around the globe at night shows, had a short notice album party at a warehouse of Milk … More Yeezus has arrived!

Kimye Baby

Baby Kimye is finally here! It seemed like Kimmy was about to burst so its for the best the famous newborn arrived early! I found it interesting that as media outlets were breaking the story Kourtney Kardashian was instagramming a pic about her lipstick and shoes at lunch! Finally yesterday Khloe and Grams Kris Jenner … More Kimye Baby

Orange Lips

This is a fun trend for this season! Mama Bey was recently spotted in a fun Coral Lipstick and matching pumps and in this two piece Topshop set  (which I’m sure is sold out and also confirms yet again that Baby Carter II is not currently on the way! As much as I knew it … More Orange Lips