Magna Carter Holy Grail!

Yes Yes! I can’t wait til the July 4th release of Mr. Carter’s new album! I have curious to know what Hov, Justin T, Nas, Timbaland, Pharell and co were cooking up from those leaked studio pics! Now we know! What a brillant plan to partner with Samsung Galaxy! So cool that the first 1 million of the Android users get the album free! Brillant marketing! Even cooler that it was a commercial during the NBA finals to reveal it! Lol I saw tons of celebs tweeting in awe about its greatness as well as its long length only for Jay!  Usually when artists are in the sutdio its with one producer, but Jay was with Swizz, Timbabland, Pharell at the same time! Love! I also must comment on Mr. Rick Ruben who was very comfortable on the couch with his beard! Why lol the hip hop pioneer who started Def Jam outside of NYU’s Weinstein (I might add) was not looking his part!

I also am loving these statement tees that Jay-Z has been rocking! In the video he was wearing a June Ambrose styled look with a ‘GO HOME!’ tee! Recently he was wearing a ‘Blame Society’ one! love!

Can’t wait for the new Jay or should I say Jayzus!

Speaking of the finals I am still supporting my Heat!! The Spurs are quite hefty competition! Every game seems to be a blowout one way or the other! Tony Parker and his hamstring seem feeble in comparison to the other players size hehe Tim Duncan is still amaze in probably the last few years of his career! and Ginobili seems to have taken a seat in the far back! Can’t wait to see the next game! 3-2 is too close!NBA Finals Heat Spurs Game 3

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