Hairr Update!

My update on my natural hair journey! Ok so it’s almost a year since I got frustrated and the big chop (myself I might add) so I had to wait awhile for my hair to become more even before I could wear it out! Over the last few months I did several protective styles!

photo (3)

At t the top of the year, I had braids so that I could have all my hair not exposed so it could really grow beucase I had noticed I have a lot of straight pieces in the front from it being left out with styles. I did golden and red! Love all the fun styles to do with braids! I loved the big buns although because they were so large they were quite heavy like I had a basket on my head forreal!IMG_3231

IMG_3539(how my bun would end of looking with the elements)

I then got a closure and wore that for like two months! I wore it all black for about a month! I bleached the knots to make my hair and rinsed the closure black to make the weave! This gave it a natural look because I was going for a jet black look!


I then decided to spice it up for spring so I bleached the ends!


Then I decided to try a new color so I tried this Mongolian hair that I bleached and then dyed a chestnut and warm red! Its curly but here I had blow dried, straightened, and curled, I used an instyler! I love it! It gets it shiny as it spins! It also works really well on my natural leave out!


Finally last week I wore my hair out! I still have to learn how to wear it out and stretch it and do twist outs and such!

IMG_5603When I first took it out of the cornrows!


Kinky, Nappy, deliciousness!!! Still trying to learn more about my hair and what works and such! ( I love it with this ‘Goddess Headband’)

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