Ms. Kelly Talk a Good Game!


I went to Kelly’s ‘Talk a Good Game’ CD signing at the Union Square Best Buy! I waited two hours and got her to sign my CD! She was gorgeous and so sweet! She told me she loved my red hair!


I was selected to go see her on GMA! I had to get there at six, but I really enjoyed her set! She even broke out the “No No No” DC hits! Pusha T came out to do “Street Life”! I also encountered a bevy of Beyonce ultimate stans who’d been to everything she’s done recently GMA in the park, Revel, Roseland, -__- they’d met her and so of course they rode for Kelly as well! One of them had a stack of photos from times they’d met Kelly to give her! (I can’t) She greeted them well becuase she knows them so well! I need to step it up! hehe

I love ‘Dirty Laundry’ off the album! It really must have taken a lot for her to be so vulnerable! I love it!

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