Miami Heat!

WPTV-Miami-Heat-celebrate-championship-2013_20130624060002_320_240 images (2)

Yes Yes Yes! I knew they’d come through!! Congrats to King James who was on fire! It was an amazing 7 game series versus the Spurs who were no easy competition  Game 6 or should I say the headband game was the best basketball game I’ve ever seen! Lebron should probably keep the band on though! The last minute and a half of that game was crazy before the overtime! DWade was quite a sleep I might add for the series besides really games 6/7!  Bosh was no where in game 7! I laughed out loud when he smacked down the ball at the end of game 6 and raised both his fists! What a character! Ray Allen was clutch with his amazing 3pointer skills that set game 6 into overtime! Amazing! Both him and Duncan are like 37! and out shined those 10 years younger! Chalmer’s played really well! So did Battier who decided to celebrate at a Denny’s! People love to hate Lebron but I think he really is the choosen one! I just want to know who decided to have such a close up of his hairline for the Sports Illustrated Cover?! BOW DOWN!

Oh and Drake was really trying have some new friends! He got denied outside the locker room and was all up on stage by Lebron and DWade!

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