This hot tea was boiling! I’m not gonna lie that day in May when the TMZ Solange Jay-Z altercation at the Standard came out was one of the most entertaining moments of the year. I had gone to my French conversation class oral and the one before me was going over. Something told me I … More Elevator-Gate

Miami Heat!

Yes Yes Yes! I knew they’d come through!! Congrats to King James who was on fire! It was an amazing 7 game series versus the Spurs who were no easy¬†competition¬† Game 6 or should I say the headband game was the best basketball game I’ve ever seen! Lebron should probably keep the band on though! … More Miami Heat!

BabyGirl/ Mr.Z

So I went to a 90s House Partay and decided to dress up as Aaliyah! While I was doing my costume research I stumbled across some new info… Aaliyah and Jigga used to be a couple! I can’t believe I didn’t know this! I find this really interesting that the late songstress went on to … More BabyGirl/ Mr.Z


What Would Rihanna Do???? I seriously cannot with Rih Rih’s latest antics. This chick is the epitome of IDGAF! like she really lives a YOLO no holds bar. whether she be dropping stacks at a strip club, living While some of the things she does she cray I can’t help but take away inspiration from … More WWRD?

KONY 2012

The video made by Jason Russell was ingeniously devised to go viral and impact masses to inform about Joseph Kony and the Lords Resistance Army. I think the PR behind this promotion done by the Invisible Children foundation was phenomenal. I love that there is a time limit for the video, that the video was … More KONY 2012

United Colors of Benetton Controversy

This add was recently photoshopped and constructed by the famous Italian clothing brand to make a statement. However people were outraged. Particularly Americans who tend to be more conservative than other nationalities. The point was to make a social statement, to cause a reaction, and to have people think of unity. Arguments against believed this … More United Colors of Benetton Controversy