KONY 2012

The video made by Jason Russell was ingeniously devised to go viral and impact masses to inform about Joseph Kony and the Lords Resistance Army. I think the PR behind this promotion done by the Invisible Children foundation was phenomenal. I love that there is a time limit for the video, that the video was long enough to create a thorough picture, that it targeted those who have an influence, and showed why people should care. I applaud Americans for reacting in the way that we did. People were talking about it and it was being retweeted. I love that it was a chance for people to really focus on being world citizens even though it could have been from simply following the trending topic on twitter. I loved the story behind Jason Russell and his friends over their ten year time to create their charity and to stay persistent in their goal to get major action to take place. I think that it served a secondary purpose. Its a motivator to realize that if we stay strong in our beliefs and continue to stand for what action we want to take place we as a small group of individuals can achieve it. I signed up for the email list to find out when Cover the Night event will take place! As always the backlash for the video and its message surfaced, but I think that it has really served its purpose people care! People care to learn about Kony, to critique the video and find out more about the story, or comments about the creator’s strange behavior. So regardless of the response people are talking and more aware than before about Joseph Kony in Uganda. People wouldn’t bother commenting if they didn’t feel it was something important. The video has really served a great purpose. I think instead of scrutinizing every fact we should instead view it as a lightbulb moment to put some of our focus on other countries in which the living situation is dangerous and polar to the world we live and take for granted. KONY2012 mission accomplished!

I found this pic to be hilarious! Whoever photoshopped this =genius

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