Hilary Banks Will You Marrrryyy Meee…..splat!

The other day as part of the NYU Her-Story event Karyn Parsons who played Hilary Banks on the iconic Fresh Prince was the headliner speaker. She talked about her new company Sweet Blackberry in which she produces animated films that promote Black heroes whose stories have not been told. She talked about she is just so passionate about the art form of entertainment and enjoys her behind the scenes role in spreading history and entertainment to so many. I found it quite funny when she said that even her mother has called her Hilary… hehe. I can just imagine her in the matching blue colored suits with hat set, and valley girl sass. My all time favorite Hilary moment was her proposal from Trevor!

and here are my favorite Fresh Prince moments:

at the 3:24 mark!!! “He’s mad I tell ya mad”

“Jeffery Break out Lucile”
I loved finding out that the man who played Jeffery was Ghanaian.

“Anytime you see a white guy in jail you know he did sumthin BAD!”

“Yea we done it Word to Big Bird we jacked 8 Benzitos, 15 Jags, and a Maserati but we didn’t like the upholstery so we took it back Jack”
“Do you have anything to say?”
One of my fav shows eva!

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