It’s Not Even My Birthday….


Rihanna and Chris Brown’s collaborations on her “Cake” and his “Turn Up the Music” are soo good. I love both songs because they are that new techno/house beatish vibe that music is going into. They both are so innovative. I might say that Chris’s lyrics were quite racy if I might add!!! Rihanna’s statement was that Chris Brown is the hottest R&B artist out right now and so why wouldn’t see collaborate with him? She said it was just music and innocent. I didn’t like all the backlash that CBreezy received for performing and winning a Grammy especially Miranda Lambert referencing her song in which a man is shot for his wrongdoings no Ma’am and holding a sign up at her concert its been three years! I completely understand and agree that his actions were not acceptable, but 1. We should judge him as the amazingly talented singer/dancer/entertainer that he is 2. he was 19 at the time and I don’t think its far to hold someone accountable and label them as bad for something they did at 19 especially because he unfortunately witnessed domestic violence in his home as a child and as studies show was unfortunately repeating the cycle. 3. If Rihanna the victim and only other person who really knows what went on can forgive him and collaborate with him twice then all else should as well. 4. We the public don’t know him personally and forgiveness not forgetting though I feel is the way we were intended to live.
The twitter battle between Rih Rih and Karreuche has been quite entertaining from Karreuche’s “be jealous” about Chris making her food to what I thought was amazingly clever Rihanna’s Rice Cakes pic with Karreuche’s staple Ray-ban’s and Gold Hoops=magical comeback. Well thought out and i think not meant to be as racially offensive as it could be with the rice and Asian tie.

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