This hot tea was boiling!


I’m not gonna lie that day in May when the TMZ Solange Jay-Z altercation at the Standard came out was one of the most entertaining moments of the year. I had gone to my French conversation class oral and the one before me was going over. Something told me I should have brought my phone. After it was finished, I return to my phone with mesages about this golden video. I hate being out of the loop lol. Twitter was so entertaining from the commmentary to the memes. Solange was really coming for Jay.  If only we got a better angle to read lips. My 5 thoughts on the scandal:

1. The security guard behind this magic saw gold and realized he was about to cash in. I ain’t mad.

2.This is most likely that the first time Solo has gotten physical with Jay, she’s all whimsical and such but you can also tell she does not  play AT ALL. This is evident from the way Bey was able to exit with such a pleasant demeanor seconds after! It read on Solange’s angry face and Jay who was holding his cheek. Then the Knowles sisters got into one car and Jay got into another!

3. Beyonce must have thought it was a particularly valid arguement for Solange to be so angry as she was more concerned with not getting her Givenchy dress tail stepped on. It is only later when Solange comes towards Jay again that Bey steps in between them. It’s is a sticky situation when its your sister and husband getting into it.

4. Julius better have gotten a bonus and a raise lol As soon as Solange got hype, he pressed the stop button and politely grabbed her when she started kicking.

5. We most likely will never know the whole story. I have come to the conclusion that I am okay with having to try and put the pieces together myself. As one of most famous people in the world I’m glad Bey still has control over how much we know about her real life.

There is speculation that the debacle had something to do with Rachel Roy or something about Solange not being able to get her friends in to the Met Gala After-Party at the Boom Boom Room, which seems highly unlikely. All I can say for sure is that short bang wig got Solange feeling some type of way! I couldn’t believe that after she was separated from Jay, the convo got hype again, Jay picked up her clutch to hand back to her as Bey started to exit the elevator and Solange went for more swings with the clutch! She really wanted to do some damage! I’m glad Jay did not retaliate!

Tweets were hilarious! I literally spent three hours looking at reactions and not doing my finals. Loved this tweet by Erykah Badu!

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 11.22.13 AM

Erykah had taken such cute pics with Bey, Janelle, Solo at the event. Its so crazy how everything seems so nice from photos when really a whole other vibe was about to go down!


This is by far the best tweet! It’s from the actor Orlando Jones, who happens to have a resemblance to Solange.

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 11.43.31 AMBlack Twitter wanted to kill me!

images (1)

I’m not gonna lie, they do favor each other a bit!

On a serious note, the comment that the Carters’ did issue was in many words it’s our business that’s why we waited five days to comment, we have apologized to each other, and we have a tour to promote, focus on that please. Solange proceeded to remove all the fabulous photos she took at the Met Gala with her sister and friends as well as every other pic of herself and Bey on her instagram. I’m not sure if this was because of the comments or because there was still unresolved issue on the matter between the sisters! It just added more speculation. I was hoping that the Carter’s would have at least said that domestic violence is not the answer. Of course if Jay had even extended his arm, the conversation would have gone from ‘Solo showed him’ to assult. The popular interpretation is that she was standing up for herself and showing her brother in law, who must have been in the wrong, but no commentary on the violence. in regards to putting hands on someone, the story completely changes when its the red hands of a woman, which is interesting and equally concerning. A public notion is a man should never put his hands on a woman and if so it is extremely disgraceful. Yet, if a woman is the perpetrator, it somehow usually is excusable. Very interesting tea for thought to sip on!

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