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So I went to a 90s House Partay and decided to dress up as Aaliyah! While I was doing my costume research I stumbled across some new info… Aaliyah and Jigga used to be a couple! I can’t believe I didn’t know this! I find this really interesting that the late songstress went on to be engaged to Jay-Z’s then best friend Dam Dash! As I looked at this pic of Jay, Aaliyah, JLo, and Diddy I understood the claim that she was supposed to be this decades biggest black star. She was breaking the scene in films and rising with her music career. The claim is that Bey was supposed to be her Rihanna! Certaintly interesting but makes you think!

and RElated Probably one of the most exciting things I’ve ever witnessed occurred. I had to stay late at my internship until 7 pm because my advisor wanted myself and another intern to finish hanging clothes back in a closet. As we got ready to leave tired and slightly irked at the time, we came down the elevator and immediately heard a group laughing loudly, but there was something about the laugh because no normal working folk would be having such jolly convo in the lobby of a building at that time ,everyone would be quietly trying to leave. We turned the corner and I see a few folks standing in the lobby and this still overly joyous cackle. As we surveyed for a few seconds, our eyes feasted upon Mr. Jay-Z dressed in his usual jeans, jean jacket, NY Yankees hat, Timbs, and with an iPad. He was faced towards us laughing  seven feet away!!! Ahhh He was so charming and appealing (not Camel at all like the blogs say!) He is (shocker!) actually quite good looking if I might say so myself! His swag yes is increbile but nevertheless he is still attractive without it! No one seems to understand besides the other intern! She is my witness!  I seriously nearly wet myself! I’ve never been so starstruck! Yes I know it was dramatic but I couldn’t help myself! Now I see why he is Bey’s other half! Swoon! I can’t handle their cuteness!

last pic is my reaction!

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