Lupita Sighting

  I had a quite uncomfortable encounter. I was riding home from work on the ACE and I sat down and noticed the person two people down had a noticable nervous energy. She had this apparent black bob wig on,sunglasses, yellow clothing, and a large bag and at every stop kept turning. I glanced over, … More Lupita Sighting

Momma in Paree

Momma Ro came to visit me in Paris, which meant cute tea and macaroon outings! We went to the famous Cafe Angelina in the 1st arrondissement and had to wait in the line of tourists to get a seat. She of course did not approve of the thick to die for hot chocolate I ordered … More Momma in Paree

BabyGirl/ Mr.Z

So I went to a 90s House Partay and decided to dress up as Aaliyah! While I was doing my costume research I stumbled across some new info… Aaliyah and Jigga used to be a couple! I can’t believe I didn’t know this! I find this really interesting that the late songstress went on to … More BabyGirl/ Mr.Z

Pop Culture Awards

The other day  I just happened to be walking by the Gotham Building at Hearld Square and i saw a carpet and a bunch of photogs. I walked closer and it was the E Pop Culture awards! I saw AJ Calloway formerly of 106 interviewing, Ryan Secreast, Kelly Osborne ( with fab purple hair *snaps*), … More Pop Culture Awards

Why Mike Delfino??

The other day, I passed James Denton of Desperate Housewives as he was leaving the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, his character Mike Delfino has always been the nice tough guy who does what he has to for those he cares about. Unfortunately this would lead to his demise!!! I was a week behind on the show … More Why Mike Delfino??