I Spy with My Little Eyes….Week of Stars

The other week I just happened to be in Soho three times and by chance came across celebs on each occasion.

The first time I turned onto Greene St and saw Gossip Girl filming at Kiki De Montparnasse.

I of course waited a little and then I saw
“Lonely Boy” Penn Bagdley emerge talking on a cell phone.
I waited on the side as the extras emerged. It seems like it would be so fun to be an extra in the show. They were all dressed in formal night attire.

Nate/Chace Crawford walked right past me form his trailer and of course just so happens to be touching his face when I took the pic -_-
*Spoiler* Liz Hurley also walked past which means Diana Payne will be making a comeback to the show! I wonder what trouble she’ll be stirring up. I also what formal event will be taking place in the French boutique. XOXO

A few days later I was walking on Mercer as I passed the Mercer Hotel, where I hear Kanye West is a regular a celeb staple black SUV pulled up the window rolled down and Pharell was looking out. As he got out I of course did a double take and he gave me glance. Like that doesn’t happen all the time he’s famous.

One night actually it was February 11 similtaneously as I found out Whitney had passed I was walking down Prince and I saw a small crowd outside Intermix along with some paps. The paps of course wouldn’t reveal who was inside, but someone yelled at its Lindsay the paps annoyance. I looked in and saw Ms. Lohan in the back of the store. She was pretty but looked at least 35 compared to her actual age 25. People of the crowd said “I thought she was in jail” “I hope she’s not stealing anything” and “How old is she? She looks forty?” lol She needs serious public image reconstruction. The paps said they had been following her all day and when she emerged from the story she playfully talked with them for a minute (knowing they are what’s keeping her revelant besides her legal troubles sad but true).

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