Oh Nicki

At the 54th Grammys this year Nicki Minaj went above and beyond to make a very strange outrageous statement to show her creative individuality, but unfortunately for her it was not as received as she would have liked. She walked the carpet in a Red Versace Little Red Riding Hood cape accompanied by a Catholic Priest. During her performance she performed a very inappropriate exorcism in her Roman alter ego that was a clear mock of the Catholic Church. I felt like I was sinning just watching the performance.I know she lost a lot of fans because entertainment should not come from attacking religion unnecessarily. The Children’s TV Council was of course out-raged. I’m sure a lot of kids were told they could not watch Nicki after that. She was clearly trying to channel Lady Gaga’s infamous Egg entrance at last years Grammys and performance and Madonna’s use of a cross years ago. Little Miss Nicki was also voted Worst Dressed by Fashion Police. Overall I was quite disturbed. Do you think that to be a memorable artist one must go to insane measures as this?

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