Brooklyn Bridge

I finally walked the Brooklyn Bridge! It’s a really fun leisure activity but also great for a work out! Just beware of the speeding bikers! Speaking of bikes, I feel inclined to mention by dismay with cyclist behavior! I thought the CitiBike ramps all around the city were fun and NYC was being cute like … More Brooklyn Bridge

Oh Nicki

At the 54th Grammys this year Nicki Minaj went above and beyond to make a very strange outrageous statement to show her creative individuality, but unfortunately for her it was not as received as she would have liked. She walked the carpet in a Red Versace Little Red Riding Hood cape accompanied by a Catholic … More Oh Nicki

United Colors of Benetton Controversy

This add was recently photoshopped and constructed by the famous Italian clothing brand to make a statement. However people were outraged. Particularly Americans who tend to be more conservative than other nationalities. The point was to make a social statement, to cause a reaction, and to have people think of unity. Arguments against believed this … More United Colors of Benetton Controversy

Absolutely Not Flav Absolutely Not!

Heavy D’s Funeral was the other day and a bevy of Celeb’s attended the Mount Vernon service dressed in the appropriate black. They included Will and Jada, Jay-Z, Diddy, Usher, Queen Latifah, John Legend and Krissy Teigen. However Flavor Flav decided that this was an appropriate outfit for the occasion. What was he thinking?

NYU Time Teller

The Famous time teller can be found directing traffic and alerting students how much time they have been classes. Nearly every week day at NYU. The mystery seems to be who is this petit man?, why does he feel the need to alert student?, how did he learn the nyu schedule?, and why does he … More NYU Time Teller