United Colors of Benetton Controversy

This add was recently photoshopped and constructed by the famous Italian clothing brand to make a statement. However people were outraged. Particularly Americans who tend to be more conservative than other nationalities. The point was to make a social statement, to cause a reaction, and to have people think of unity. Arguments against believed this was not an appropriate way to demonstrate set message.Do you think they took it too far? I myself am not to familiar with the clothing brand so I looked up previous adds and I found that they were just as daring or even more, a few included top female nudity. They definitely strive to make ads that cause shock but serve to make global statements about people uniting to go with there “United Colors” and to benefit their United Foundation. I think there purpose is really important and if they didn’t have such racy ads would we pay as much attention? Here are a few:

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