136 Dayz Sans Basketball!!

WHY hasn’t the Lockout Been Resolved!!! It’s been far too long!! Yesterday it was announced that players still were not in agreement! Meanwhile players are complaining about the lockout!
Here are 10 things players would not have gotten into if the lockout was not going on! Bordum has lead them to foolishness!

1. The excessive planking by Dwight Howard and Gilbert Arenas

Clearly they were bored!
2. Kris decided to become a reality star!

3. Amare pursued a fashion career!
4. While Delonte Pursued a Career as a Home Depot employee! Absolutely awful!
5. Melo’s been attending fashion events. What was he thinking with this ensemble a red scarf, white undershirt, sports coat, slacks, and shiny sneaks -_-

Dear NBA association,
Please come to a compromise soon! The tomfoolery has got to stop!
A Devoted Fan

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