Faceoff! Magnolia vs Crumbs

Magnolia and Crumbs are two of the most sought after confections in nyc. Cupcakes are def the dessert of choice here in the City. I’ve had the Red Velvet Cupcake from Crumbs as well as the chocolate with peanut butter. From Magnolia Bakery I’ve had the chocolate with yellow icing. Crumbs cupcakes are a tad overwhelming from their size.While Magnolia Cupcakes are normal cupcake size. Its so common to see many people walking around with bags from either. After savoring both. I think I have to saw that I prefer Magnolia Bakery. The consistency has the perfect measure of moisture and they can be eaten in one sitting.
Red Velvet from CRUMBS

Chocolate with Yellow Icing from Magnolia Bakery

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