NYU Professor’s James Franco Controversy

It’s very well known that a bevy of celebs have attended and still attend NYU. James Franco famously attended NYU as a Grad student in the last few years. While in Professor Jose Angel Santana’s ‘Directing the Actor II’ course he only attended two out of 14 classes because he was filming “127 Hours”. This resulted in a ‘D’ grade for the course. Professor Santana was subsequently fired from NYU and he now is suing NYU for firing him for the poor grading. He believes that the school was catering too much to the celeb. I personally feel like NYU is known for accommodating to celebs so teachers have to understand that. James Franco stated that he did the work for the class. I do think that the teacher was unfair for giving him that grade when many other stars have passed through NYU without such problems. Currently the Sprouse twins and Dakota Fanning are attending NYU and Dakota i know has had to take time off to film. I think that the grade was somewhat unfair, but I don’t think the Professor should have been fired. I think that he does have a good point in his lawsuit. While they are celebs, they are still students. Do you think he will win the case?

2 thoughts on “NYU Professor’s James Franco Controversy

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