Why Mike Delfino??

The other day, I passed James Denton of Desperate Housewives as he was leaving the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, his character Mike Delfino has always been the nice tough guy who does what he has to for those he cares about. Unfortunately this would lead to his demise!!! I was a week behind on the show if I had known he’d just been killed off I probably would have dramatically been like Why Why’d you have to die?? hehe Desperate Housewives has always been one of my favorite shows I think that the writing is impeccable. What I loved about the episode in the intro Mary Alice tells you someone will die and throughout the episode there are a number of times in which you think people will die then when you least expect it at the very end Mike gets shot! I’ll be really sad to see its end in next few months! I guess they are really trying to stir things up on Wisteria Lane!

My reaction to his dying! Why do the good have to go!

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