Lupita Sighting

Lupita-Nyongo-Vogue-July-2014-Mikael-Jansson-01  I had a quite uncomfortable encounter. I was riding home from work on the ACE and I sat down and noticed the person two people down had a noticable nervous energy. She had this apparent black bob wig on,sunglasses, yellow clothing, and a large bag and at every stop kept turning. I glanced over, as they drew my attention and upon closer look I realized this train-rider was none other than Oscar winner, Vogue cover star Lupita N’yongo! As soon as my eyes slightly turned in her direction, she quickly put her hand over her face. I don’t get her disguise, it is a cheap 10 dollar looking wig mismatched with nice large designer sunnies. In addition, she had a large Versace bag on her lap and a cute yellow African print romper on. I mean if you’re trying to go incognito go all the way honey. No one carrying that bag would really be wearing this wig that she must have picked up on her way into the city from Brooklyn. I diverted my eyes in an attempt to not to make her any more uncomfortable. I suppressed  my urge to whisper your’e such an inspiration, but did not want to out her. We got off at the same Spring Street stop, but she nearly ran off the train and up the stairs. Then I watched her scurry into a paint store.

 I get that fame is intense, but in NY of all places I don’t get why she’s living in such a manor. There’s an unsaid rule that celebs are just like us and city people kind of treat them regular while they’re carrying on their NYC lives, or at least people will approach them in a non-starstruck manor. That’s reserved for celeb events and tourists.  What makes this story even funnier is that my friend spotted Lupita earlier in the day. She said too she didn’t say anything as it was evident that Lupita did not want to be bothered. I mean the Vogue cover you were on said newcomers, ‘it’ girls to watch. It is your time in the spotlight! 

  Lupita has an empowered public image,so I was slightly shocked to see her behavior like this, but at the same time we could only imagine what it is like to gain such fame.

 A couple days later, I spotted Victoria Secret model, Jasmine Tookes and her attractive beau in Zara carrying about normally. I politely gawked at her flawlessly beaming face lol. There have been other occasions where myself and other people that live in the city have normally interacted in celeb spottings. It is a part of living in NY and I hope Lupita adapts!

2d1tr2p Jasmine 

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