94102e2b2a38381a3f1513e0f1d5ad29  I thought I would share my frequent name struggle. On many occasions, I’ll introduce myself to someone and make eye-contact to in an effort to ensure they see how I pronounce my name. Then he/she goes ‘ Uh moris’. I’ll say ‘Amaris.’ They respond ‘Uh mare is.’ I reply ‘Amaris.’ Then quite contently, they go ‘OH Amerriss’! too funny! At this point it becomes awkward to continue to correct someone as they don’t see how there could be this many mispronunciations or sometimes they’ll say it right and then go right back to saying ‘Amerris’! lol I have slight love and hate relationship with my name. I have often been told that the unique name fits me, but its uniqueness comes at a price. Oh Well!

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